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About us

Founded in 2006, motivated by the desire to push forward technical evolutions for human kinds by developing meaningful and value-creating solutions, we repeatedly encounter unknown, challenging and exciting areas. We strongly believe: If you want to develop forward-looking solutions, you need to be a step ahead of the present. So we do not wait for the future. We shape it – actively and with innovative drive. We see ourselves as the innovative engineering services provider for future-oriented products and processes that conducts all of its work in a manner that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient. Located in the heart of Europe, in the eastern part of Switzerland, balanced between technology and nature, we are developing products and processes that give our customers a decisive advantage. Where modularity and precision is the key, reproducibility and traceability a must, where transparency and reliability are guaranteed, high quality and short development time required, right there you'll find us. Our new and unique philosophy of holistic cooperation forms the basis for successful product and process development. Always ready to deliver maximum performance, we are pleased to be able to accompany you on your way as a reliable partner, as a source of knowledge and as a decision for independence.


Tinkering, thinking laterally, thinking outside the box – in pursuit of the optimal solution, our engineers do not content themselves with conventional concepts. With motivation and dedication they break new ground and question the conventional wisdom to achieve innovative solutions that are a perfect fit with our customers' requirements. We strive for innovations and combine the pursuit with efficient engineering acumen. Ideas are turned into reality with creativity, passion and the latest technologies and methods. This approach to the work reflects the special corporate culture: We do not content ourselves with the quickest solution – it has to be the best one. And when the challenge proves especially demanding, we demonstrate ambition and persistence until our clients receive the desired solution – or even a bit more. When it comes to quality, we are never satisfied with the status quo. We at esp-engineering oblige to continuously improve our company processes, following the principle laid down by Henry Ford: "Who always does what he already can, always remain what he already is" Yet our work is also characterized by a healthy pragmatism, for we always bear in mind the resources already at hand, as base to achieve project goals with highest effectivity and efficiency. Our company size provides optimal conditions for the implementation of customer projects such as straightforward decision-making structures, interdisciplinary exchange between departments and efficient communication within the team. While we prize team spirit, our employees are equally used to work independently with a great sense of personal responsibility.


Our goal: value-creating growth. And sustainable to boot. Whether it is the implementation of projects for our clients, challenging and developing our employees in the sense of an attractive employer or the conscientious pursuit of our strategic objectives. Only when all this comes together does value – in the truest sense of the word – emerge as the result.



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