Force controlled winding of polarisation sensitive fibres

Force Controlled Winding

Why was this product built?

In geology, accurate optical seismographs are used to determine the composition and stratification of rocks and to measure movements and displacements in different areas. Other branches of technology, such as the oil and gas industry, use these highly sensitive measuring instruments to locate energy deposits. The accuracy of these seismographs depends on the maximum winding length and the winding quality of the polarisationdependent glass fibre on the winding body. To increase exactly this winding quality, it is of central importance to monitor and control the tensile force of the fibre during the winding process. The winding lengths to be achieved are in the range of 2000-3000m.

What needs are satisfied with this product?

Due to the precise and reproducible force control, the polarisation-dependent glass fibre is applied to the winding body without tension, thus massively increasing the winding quality.
With the maximum winding length of 3000m, highly sensitive measuring systems can be produced in order to make even more precise and reliable statements regarding the position of the energy deposits.
The winding process is carried out at a speed of 0.5m/s and means that a 3000m winding can be completed in less than 2 hours. Also, due to the modular system design and the use of several cassettes, an uninterrupted process can be guaranteed.

How has the problem been solved until today?

Today's winding of fibres is mainly a manual process without precise force control.

fiber module casette from side

Fiber modul casette from side


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Fiber modul casette from top


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